Contest Rules

We are supplying teams with test hashes to test their submission methods. Please register the team name you will use in the contest as team names will not be removed come contest time.

Rules for Everyone

  • You CANNOT be on multiple teams or switch teams once the contest starts.
  • You CANNOT share passwords/founds between different teams.
  • You CANNOT steal passwords or techniques used by another team.
  • You MUST NOT interfere with the efforts of another team.
  • Teams MUST NOT attempt to gain unauthorized access or block access to any system used by Cynosure Prime or another team.
  • Teams MUST ONLY use systems they are authorized to use.
  • You CAN use as many systems/CPUs/GPUs as you wish.
  • Any Illegal activity will be reported.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the contest wins.

Pro Teams

  • Teams need to have a defined list of members before the contest starts.
  • A writeup containing your methods and attack techniques and the tools used is strongly encouraged.
  • A team member is not required to be at Cyphercon, but it would be cool if there was.
  • Pro teams must email to register as "Pro".
  • A team can only register as pro if they have not submitted any found as "Street".

Street Teams

  • A writeup/blog post containing what you learned and the resources that helped you get there is strongly encouraged but, not a requirement. This helps others to get started cracking passwords.
  • Need a hand getting started? Stop over by the Password Cracking Village.